How do I sign up for monthly parking?

Visit our on-line portal at where you will be asked to provide your contact information and preferred parking locations.  After submitting your registration data, a parking representative will be in contact within 1-2 business days to communicate the next steps. If you have any problems initiating the registration process online, please contact us directly at 704.944.1830.

What if my preferred location does not have availability?

CK Parking offers a wait list program to help match you to the most convenient parking for you.  You will be able to identify each of your desired locations in order of preference which will then be tracked in our parking facility database. A CK parking staff member will contact you in the future when space becomes available.

Do I have to give advanced notice to cancel my monthly parking?

YES, all monthly parkers must give a 30 day written notice to the Parking Management Office. Please note if you are enrolled in a commuter benefit program, Wage Works or Wired Commute, you have to make changes by the 10th of the month for the following month (e.g. To cancel contract parking for July, notify CK parking by June 1 and the commuter benefit program by June 10).

I am a monthly contract parker.  Where should I mount my access device?

The access cards work best when mounted horizontally in the center of the dashboard. It is not necessary to waive the access device at the reader as this can hinder communication between your device and the system.

What if I forgot to bring my monthly parking card or drove my spouse’s vehicle?

Please visit the parking office between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, to receive a validated parking ticket that will allow you to exit. 

I drive an electric vehicle.  Are charging stations available?

Electric vehicle charging stations are located at The Green garage and the Duke Energy Center/Levine Center for the Arts garage. For more information please contact 704-944-1830.

My company offers a commuter benefit through Wage Works.  How do I sign up?

Please visit for directions.  An employee login feature is available if your company offers this program.  IMPORTANT – you must confirm with the parking company that you have received an available parking space prior to signing up with Wage Works. Submitting a parking preference through Wage Works does not automatically reserve a parking space.

Where do I park if I am visiting a cultural facility at the Levine Center for the Arts (i.e. Knight Theater, Mint Museum, Gantt Center and Bechtler Museum)?

Visitors of the cultural facilities should park at the Levine Center for the Arts / Duke Energy Center garage. The visitor entrance to the garage is located off West Stonewall Street between Church Street and Tryon Street.

As a monthly contract parker, can I obtain a second access card for my other vehicle?

No, one access device is allowed per account.  However, we can provide you with additional Velcro strips to mount your access card in your other vehicle.

If I am a monthly contract parker, can I park my vehicle overnight?

Yes, your monthly parking account allows you to park your vehicle overnight. However, please contact the parking management office at 704-944-1830 to ensure building personnel and security are made aware.

What form of payments do you accept for monthly parking?

Forms of payment that we accept include bank drafts, Wired Commute reimbursement, Wage Works reimbursement and company paid accounts.

How can I make sure my guests can find a space if they are coming to visit my business?

Please call the Parking Management Office at 704.944.1830 with the time period you expect your visitor to arrive and we will ensure a space is available.  We provide a limited number of protected spaces to ensure parking is available for visitors to our office tenants.

Can anyone assist me if I have a dead battery?

Yes, please call the Parking Management Office at 704.944.1830 and we will dispatch the Parking Ambassador to assist you.

Do motorcycles receive discount parking during the business week?

Yes, motorcycle riders can purchase an ‘all day’ voucher (value $20) for $5.   Please visit the CK Management office for additional details on how to sign up as a motorcycle rider and purchase validation.   NOTE – Motorcycles must park in specific spaces in order to receive the discounted rate.

Do the garages allow bicycle parking and is there a fee?

Each facility has bicycle racks and there is no fee. Please be cautious when entering and exiting through the vehicle drive lanes.

If I have a monthly parking contract, will I have to pay the special event rate for NFL games or other major events?

No, your monthly rate entitles you to use your parking facility at all hours including special events.  However, please be prepared to present your monthly access card and identification when entering the facility during a large uptown event.

What account number do I use for my commuter benefits?

The account number is an additional way for the commuter benefits program to identify you. Your account number is your last name. CK Parking does not track or issue commuter benefit account numbers.

I have lost my access card, what is the fee for a replacement?

The replacement fee for an access card is currently $35. This fee is refundable at cancellation if the access card is returned.

I received a parking notice on my vehicle today.  Will I be towed?

Notices are issued when vehicles are parked improperly (reserved spaces, incorrect zones, etc).  The parking office staff will be happy to discuss the reason behind the notice and will help resolve any concerns. A patron that ignores multiple notices can be subject to lose parking privileges and is in risk of being towed.

Due to a permanent medical condition I need to park at my work location. Do I have to go on the wait list for monthly parking?

No, if you present to us a registered handicapped placard from the DMV you will be placed at the front of the wait list for the next available unreserved space. Note the handicapped spaces in the garages are first-come, first- served.  Please call us directly at 704.944.1830 to register immediately.

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