Offering Exceptional Solutions for your Parking Needs

Childress Klein Parking offers a full range of services for owners, tenants, and guests. We manage urban, mixed-use parking facilities that support the parking needs of office, hotel, retail, residential, and event users. Our team of skilled professionals employs advanced technology solutions to maximize facility utilization while simultaneously providing best-in-class customer service. We also are experts at managing complex shared-use requirements found in leases and easements to ensure compliance with your contractual obligations.

CK Parking begins with the customer. Our mission is to help every customer park in the facility of their choice, with spaces that are convenient and easy to find, and making payment quickly and effortlessly. Our customers are your employees, your guests, your customers, you. You are our priority.

To meet your parking needs, we offer a broad range of specialized services that are tailored to the unique requirements of each facility.  These services include:

  • Garage and surface parking expertise. We operate controlled-access deck and surface lots, specializing in all aspects of leasing, revenue control, maintenance, repair, security, and general operations.
  • Monthly, daily & event parking management. We provide a variety of parking arrangements to accommodate the needs of our customers, whether they are office workers, business visitors, hotel guests, or event attendees.
  • Tenant lease administration and compliance. We specialize in service to landlords and tenants who have contractual rights that require monitoring and enforcement.
  • Shared Use Agreement compliance. We are skilled in dealing with easements and other agreements that require sharing of parking facilities by diverse uses such as office buildings, hotels, retail, and event venues.
  • Client validation program. To assist businesses in providing convenient parking for their customers, we offer customized validation programs for visitor parkers.
  • Lot Full visitor reservations. Another unique service offered by CK Parking is a flexible visitor parking system that allows tenant visitors to obtain parking even when the daily parking zones are at capacity.
  • Optimization of Unreserved Monthly Parking. To accommodate as many tenant employees as possible, we employ statistical analyses that enable us to make more parking available and avoid spaces sitting empty during typical business days.
  • Wait List management. We offer user-friendly registration programs that place our customers with their desired parking location.
  • Automated Pay Stations. Our team is experienced in deployment of the latest technology in revenue control and collection systems in order to maximize convenience to our customers and revenue to the lot owners.
  • Valet Parking. We arrange for valet parking solutions where appropriate for our clients.
  • We are proud to offer the safest, most comfortable parking facilities to be found.  Our staff of in-house security experts enables us to minimize risk and maximize your peace of mind.
  • Facility Maintenance. As part of a full-service facilities firm, we are skilled at all aspects of facility maintenance, repair and operation.

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A Focus on Quality & Service

We make parking easy, safe, comfortable and convenient. Our priority is the customer, not the revenue. Please visit one of our facilities and experience the difference.